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According to the Helpline’s social worker, “Once again we see a manufacturers pushing a product that is harming women for financial gain.” Women who have been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and believe it may be related to their use of Baby Powder, Shower To Shower, Talc Powder or Talcum Powder are advised to call the helpline: 1-877-522-2123.

The Talcum Powder Lawsuits Horror Story Facts
Johnson & Johnson was recently found guilty by two juries that awarded ovarian cancer victims $72 million and $55 million for the deadly ovarian cancer diagnosis caused by decades of Talcum Powder use.

Talcum Powder Timeline

In 1971  research found that  75% of the tumors examined from biopsy  had talc particles present.

In 1973 The FDA required talcum powder to be asbestos-free.

In 1992 It was reported that women who apply talcum powder to the genital region may increase their risk of developing ovarian cancer.

In 2003 reports showed an  33% increase in the risk of developing ovarian cancer when women used talcum powder on or around private areas,

In 2013 the first talcum powder lawsuit was filed against Johnson & Johnson for not warning of the dangers of their products.  The lawsuit was won in federal court.

Talcum Powder  Lawsuit Criteria
You must have used  Johnson & Johnson baby powder, Shower To Shower  talcum powder.
Did you dust your  genital area with the talcum powder or Baby Powder for over five years?
Have you been tested for and do you have a  BRCA 1 gene or BRCA 2 gene.You cannot have a positive test result for the BRCA 1 gene or BRCA 2 gene.
Use of talcum powder (baby powder) must have been used  daily for over  five years.
Did you use Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or Shower To Shower (talcum powder)?
Did you use talcum powder on your genital area?

One of our experienced  Talcum Powder lawsuit  attorneys will review your circumstances and determine whether you  have a Talcum Powder lawsuit. The manufacturers of  Talcum Powder can be held accountable  for your ovarian cancer diagnosis if you meet the specific criteria outlined above.

We can help families who have lost a loved one file a Talcum Powder lawsuit on their behalf.