Fallopian Tube Cancer Lawyers | Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Our talcum powder lawyers and baby powder lawyers are now filing fallopian tube cancer lawsuits for use of Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder or Shower To Shower for personal hygiene.

What Are My Fallopian Tubes?

Your  Fallopian tubes  are a pair of 4-inch long narrow tubes connecting the ovaries to the uterus. Ova (egg cells) are carried to the uterus through the fallopian tubes following ovulation.

The Fallopian tubes are located in the pelvic cavity extending laterally from the corners of the edge of the uterus and passing to the ovaries.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Helpline Seeking Women With Fallopian Tube Cancer

If you  have been diagnosed with  fallopian tube cancer and have used Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, Shower to Shower powder, or WalMart’s Equate powder for  dusting off for  feminine hygiene we want to hear from you.

How Did  Talc Powder Cause My Fallopian Tube Cancer?

Talcum powder may cause cancer in the  fallopian tubes if the powder particles  have been applied to the genital area or on sanitary napkins, diaphragms, or condoms and   travel through the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes to the ovary. These particles can remain in these reproductive organs for years causing constant irritation and result in fallopian tube cancer.

Fallopian Tube Cancer Lawsuit

In a recent fallopian tube talcum powder cancer lawsuit  Amie Cavazos says  that her mother used the talcum powder products on her perineal region to control moisture and odor from about 1978 to 2011. She was diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer in August 2013, and later died from the disease on March 19, 2015.

If you have a diagnosis of fallopian tube cancer  and used talcum powder for years contact us today