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New Jersey Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit?

New Jersey Talcum Powder Lawyers are filing Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Toms River,  Edison, Short Hills, Trenton, Camden,Clifton, Cherry Hill,  Passaic, East Orange, Union City, North Bergen,  Irvington,  Talcum Powder Lawyers at the New Jersey Talcum Powder Lawsuit Helpline are helping women file ovarian cancer lawsuits against the manufacturers who chose profits over your health and well being.

Lawsuits are being filed against Johnson & Johnson for not warning of the dangers of their Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby powder.

The New Jersey  Talcum Powder Lawsuit Helpline is not just lawyers. Our  female medical social worker has over a decade of experience helping women injured by drugs, devices and consumer products. We are your resource for  Talcum Powder Lawsuit updates and Ovarian Cancer information and  resources.

Helping Women Injured By Dangerous Drugs, Devices, and Consumer Products

We are not new to dangerous drugs, devices and products that harm women. It has been apparent for years that manufacturers target women as the main focus of their financial gain. Our “Helpline Websites”- ( Pink Sites ) have offered support and legal guidance to women suffering from the horrific complications and side effects of the vaginal mesh, Yaz, Mirena IUD, Zofran- Birth Defects, Dow Corning Breast Implants, and many others. Our female medical social worker is available for additional support and guidance and our network of lawyers are selected based on their experience with these products.

Do you have an Ovarian Cancer after using Talcum Powder for Decades?

Studies have shown that Talcum Powder can be linked to Ovarian Cancer. Johnson & Johnson has talcum powder class-action lawsuits filed against them claiming they are responsible for giving women ovarian cancer by not warning of the dangers of their talcum powder products.

  • Were you diagnosed with ovarian cancer?
  • Did you use Talcum Powder products For Years For Personal Hygiene?
  • Did You Lose A Loved One To Ovarian Cancer?
  • Did She use Talcum Powder for years?
  • Johnson’s Baby Powder Lawsuits
  • Shower To Shower Talcum Powder Lawsuits

File A Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

The first study linking talc and cancer took place in 1971 and they never told you.

Ovarian Cancer Patient Won A Lawsuit For Talcum Powder Use

The first talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit was won against Johnson & Johnson in federal court in 2013.

Evidence of a Link Between Cancer and Talc

The link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder was discovered in 1971 in a study that found talc particles in the ovarian tissue of female cancer patients. Talc particles move thru the vagina and are able to travel into the ovaries. A South Dakota jury found that Johnson & Johnson failed to warn consumers of the link between the use of their talc powders for feminine hygiene and an increased risk of ovarian cancer.

File Your Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Women are finding out that their ovarian cancer may be from years of Talcum Powder use. More and and more claims will be filed by women who have developed ovarian cancer.

Have You Used Johnson’s Baby Powder, Shower to Shower, Have You Been Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer? Find Out How Talcum Powder Is Linked To Ovarian Cancer Get a Short Hills, Trenton, Camden,Clifton, Cherry Hill,  talcum powder lawyer.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Helpline
Our Network of Attorneys are currently assisting women who have suffered ovarian cancer that may be linked to the regular use of talcum powder for feminine hygiene. We are ready to help you too.

Ovarian Cancer Support Groups

Awareness Ribbon


Atlantic County:
Gilda’s Club South Jersey
Linwood, NJ

Gilda’s Club
(609) 926-2699.
The Ripa Center for Women’s Health and Wellness
901 Centennial Blvd. 6100 Main Street Complex, Voorhees, NJ 08043
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
195 Little Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ

Gynecological Cancer Support Group
732-235-6792 ,
Monmouth Medical Center
Long Branch , NJ
For women diagnosed with cervical, ovarian, endometrial or uterine caner. Group offers these cancer patients and their families an opportunity to actively participate in healing after a cancer diagnosis. At
Second Tuesday; 10:30am-1:30pm; Monmouth Medical Center
Pauline Fromkin Family Living room, second Floor
Please call Leslie Shepard, RN, OCN to register at 732-923-6709

Jersey Shore Medical Center
Neptune, NJ
Ovarian Cancer Support Group
This group is for women diagnosed with cervical, endometrial, ovarian, or uterine cancer. The group meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. All sessions are facilitated by Kimberly Higgins LCSW, MSW.