Talcum Powder Lawsuit Criteria

Can I File A Talcum Powder or Baby Powder Lawsuit? I have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and used talc products on and near my private areas for decades. I have seen ads on T.V and heard on the news that a lawsuit was just won by the family of  a woman who died from ovarian cancer. I believe my ovarian cancer may be from using these products for so many years.  I cannot believe that the manufacturers were aware of the dangers and never let anyone know. Can you help me file my talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit?

Please Tell Me The Criteria For Filing a Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

The following is the criteria we will be reviewing to determine if you can can file a talcum powder lawsuit.

  1. The cancer must have a diagnosis of  ovarian cancer.
  2. You must have used talcum powder or baby powder  daily for over five years or five years  of minimum use.
  3. You  must have used Johnson & Johnson baby powder, Shower to Shower or another talc based talcum powder product
  4. You  must have applied the talcum powder to  your genital area regularly
  5. We  must be able to obtain a  positive biopsy showing evidence of talcum powder in the biopsy sample
  6. You cannot have a  genetic predisposition to ovarian cancer   such as the BRCA 1 gene or BRCA 2 gene.

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