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Talcum Powder Lawsuit Helpline Nationwide Outreach Begins

The Talcum Powder- Baby Powder lawyers of the Talcum Powder Lawsuit Helpline are reaching out to women nationwide who have ovarian cancer and have used Talcum Powder for decades. We want women to know of the potential link between Talcum Powder products and ovarian cancer. There are talcum powder lawyers filing lawsuit on behalf of women. The recent lawsuits were filed against Johnson and Johnson. This is the same manufacturer that destroyed so many lives with their vaginal mesh and bladder sling. The products that are deteriorating inside a woman’s body and causing pain and countless revision and mesh removal surgeries. Once again they have chosen profits over people. Once again women are the target.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Helpline National Outreach Program

The first stages of the Talcum Powder Lawsuit Helpline nationwide outreach is projected reach the following cities: New York, N.Y., Los Angeles, , Chicago, Ill., Houston, Tex., Philadelphia, Pa,. Phoenix,
San Diego, Calif., Dallas, Tex., San Jose, Calif., San Francisco , Austin, Columbus, Ohio, Charlotte, N.C., Detroit, Mich., Memphis, ,Baltimore, Md., Boston, Mass., Nashville, Denver, Colo., Seattle, Louisville, Portland, Las Vegas, Nev., Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, N.M., Tucson, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach,
Kansas City, Mesa,Virginia Beach, Va., Atlanta, Omaha, Raleigh, N.C., Miami, Cleveland,Tulsa, Oakland, Minneapolis, Wichita, and Arlington.

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Did you use Talcum Powder, Talc Powder or Baby Powder on your pelvic area for years. Do you have a current diagnosis for Ovarian Cancer. Our Baby Powder lawyers will review your claim and advise you of your rights to file a Talcum Powder- Baby Powder ovarian cancer lawsuit. A recent Talcum Powder lawsuit resulted in a $72 million dollar settlement for a woman who showed talc particles in her ovaries from years of using talcum powder products.

The talc particles can migrate to the ovaries and remain there for years. A constant irritation results in the formation of the fatal cancer cells.

Johnson and Johnson promoted their Baby Powder products to women for years. They knew there was a chance that their Talcum Powder products could result in ovarian cancer but, they chose profits and big profits at that. Now the truth is starting to come out.

Women currently in their 50’s and 60’s were part of the ” dust off” – “stay dry generation.” This is the age group that is showing a surge in the fatal ovarian cancer diagnosis. Could there be a link?

For  decades, women applied talc-based powders to dust their private parts.  Talcum powder was sprinkled on  undergarments and sanitary pads. Diaphragms were  sprinkled with the Baby Powder and  condoms were coated with it. This was happening ever day and by 1000’s of women. The marketing did the trick but, the consequences will be severe for women who have this fatal disease.

The Talcum Powder Lawsuit Helpline has launched a nationwide outreach program to inform all women of the potential link between  Talcum powder and baby powder use and ovarian cancer.