What is Talcum Powder?

Talcum powder is a product women have been using for years for it’s absorbing,  stay fresh and smell clean quality. But, Do women really know what they are putting on their genital area.

What Is Talcum Powder Anyways?

Talcum powder is made from talc, which is a clay mineral composed of silicon, magnesium and oxygen. Women have been using this for it’s  absorbent quality since the times of the ancient Egyptians. In talc’s most natural form, it contains asbestos, which is known to cause cancer in the lungs when inhaled. Talcum powder  products in the US have been asbestos-free since the 1970s. Talc named as the product Johnson’s and Johnson’s  baby powder has been used  for years.

What Has Talc Been Used For Over The Years?

Talc is has been  used in many industries, including paper making, plastic, paint and coatings, rubber, food, electric cable, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,  ceramics and of course the household staple baby powder.  Coarse grayish-green high-talc rock is soapstone or steatite, used for stoves, sinks, electrical switchboards, crayons, soap, etc. It is often used for surfaces of laboratory table tops and electrical switchboards because of its resistance to heat, electricity and acids. Talc finds use as a cosmetic ( J & J Baby Powder and Shower To Shower talcum powder), as a lubricant, and as a filler in paper manufacture. It is used to coat the insides of inner tubes and rubber gloves during manufacture to keep the surfaces from sticking. Talc, with heavy refinement, has been used in baby powder, an astringent powder used to prevent diaper rash.

Pediatric Warnings For Baby Powder Use

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents not use baby powder because it poses a risk of respiratory problems, including breathing trouble and serious lung damage if the baby inhales it.

Talcum Powder Lawsuits Are In The News

As of late Talcum Powder has been the center of many lawsuits and on T.V is lawyer Talcum Powder ads fpr it’s relationship to the diagnosis of ovarian cancer or fallopian tube cancer.